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Nye Zeiss Victory V8
Perfekt kikkert til langhold, jaktfelt og jakting på lengre avstander og i dårlig lys
60mm objektiv sikrer bra lyssgjennomtrengning

Forstørrelse: 4,8-35
Objektiv: 60mm
Mellomrør : 34mm
Lysgjennomgang: 92%
retikkel :60 med lys
klikk på 100m :1cm
Justering på 100m: 140cm
vekt :915
Utgangspupil: 1,7-9,9

Fra produsentens hjemmeside;

Equipped for everyday hunting: ZEISS V8 riflescopes deliver more successful moments on the hunt than any other riflescope from ZEISS thanks to the combination of sophisticated features and their perfect interaction. Outstanding optical quality, an extra-large eye box for fast target acquisition, and the finest illuminated dot in the world make it an unsurpassed companion in any hunting situation. For greater success during your hunt.

Maximum sharpness, even at maximum magnification: thanks to the 35x magnification in combination with the optional bullet drop compensation, the ZEISS V8 4.8-35x60 offers the ultimate in long-distance shooting performance, enabling hunters to take precise shots from the greatest possible distance. For greater success when hunting at long distances.

35x Magnification

The 35x magnification combined with the bullet drop compensation (ASV) stands for ultimate long-range shooting capability – and success. The riflescope provides consistently excellent image sharpness while yielding the highest resolution of details from minimum to maximum magnification settings. This allows for utter-most reliable target identification, shot confirmation, and ultra-precise shooting over the longest distances.

Advanced long-range bullet drop compensation

With an elevation adjustment range of up to 140 cm, and a click value of 1cm/100m per click, the bullet drop compensation ASV-Advanced Long Range (ASV-ALR) allows for precise sight corrections for precise shot placement at long-range.

Brilliant image quality

The Ultra-FL Concept contains several SCHOTT fluoride glass elements for absolute color fidelity, brightness, and clarity. Ensuring you the finest resolution of details, even in the harshest conditions and most challenging environment. 

Multifunction Button

The multifunction illumination control button is the most advanced reticle illumination system on the market. It can be quickly, silently, and intuitively operated even with gloves on. The illumination is automatically deactivated as soon as you put the weapon down. It reactivates as soon as you take aim, a feature that saves time and energy – and ensures an immediate and perfect aiming solution in any lighting condition.

The world’s finest illuminated dot

The secret behind the precision of ZEISS riflescopes is their ultra-fine illuminated dot and its extremely low target coverage. With only a fraction of the thickness of a human hair, the fibre optics system delivers the world’s finest illuminated dot – 3.3-millimetre target coverage at 100 metres is the breathtaking result (V8 & V6 @20x). Pure precision for the smallest targets and the greatest distances



4.8 – 35 ×

Effective lens diameter

48.1 – 60 mm

Light transmission


Exit pupil diameter

9.9 – 1.7 mm

Twilight factor

13.6 – 45.8

Field of view at 100 m (yds)

8.6 – 1.2 m (26 – 4 ft)

Objective viewing angle

4.9° – 0.7°

Diopter adjustment range

− 3.5 | + 2 dpt

Eye relief

92 mm (3.6 ")

Parallax setting

50 m – ∞ (54 yds – ∞)

Vertical adjustment range at 100 m

140 cm

Lateral adjustment range at 100 m

85 cm

Adjustment per click at 100 m

1 cm

Centre tube diameter

34 mm

Eyepiece tube diameter

46 mm

Objective tube diameter

67 mm


LotuTec | Nitrogen filled

+ | +

Water resistance

400 mbar


Operating temperature

− 25°C | + 50°C (− 13°F | + 122°F)


399 mm (15.7 ")

Weight (without inner rail)

995 g (35.1 oz)

Weight (with inner rail)

1015 g (35.8 oz)

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