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ZEISS DTI 3/35 gen 2

ZEISS DTI 3/35 gen 2

Vanlig pris 26.990,00 NOK
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Ny modell av DTI som kom på markedet i 2020 

Mye nyttige oppdatering - bla flere fargepaletter og mer mulighet for "skreddersøm" av bildet, bedre skjerm og et skarpere bilde rett og slett 

Sensor 384x288 

Linse : 35mm

Skjerm: 1020x768 AMOLED

Pixels størrelse 17um

Grunnforstørrelse 2,4x 

Synsfelt på 100m; 19m

Deteksjonsavstand : 1300m 

Zoom: 4x (0,5 steg)

Batteritid: 8h

Internlagring : 32GB

Wifi: ja

Vekt 420g

Fra produsentens hjemmeside:

Going hunting at night is a special challenge, as your vital sense of sight is severely impaired and the risk of not being successful or even making a wrong decision is high. The DTI 3 GEN 2 family of thermal imaging cameras are specifically designed for active hunter. Its large field of view combined with a long range makes it the perfect combination product for raised hide hunting and stalking in forested areas – and therefore also the ideal choice for all-rounders who like to take advantage of all the possibilities in their hunting ground.

Whether for observing and tracking or to more quickly and accurately identify game, this high-quality thermal imaging system ensures that hunters can precisely recognize details even at distances of more than 1,300 meters. As a result, the ZEISS DTI 3/35 GEN 2 gives hunters a considerable advantage when stalking at night or when hunting over long distances from a raised hide in a field.

Improved image quality and detailed recognition

New, more powerful hardware enables improved image quality and pushes the boundaries of 384 x 288 sensors even further. The new 1,024 x 786 AMOLED display improves contrast and color reproduction for a more detailed image with less background noise and sharper edges.

Three observation modes for every situation

Different environmental situations require a different device setting. The DTI 3 GEN 2 has three pre-programmed observation modes: universal, detect and fog. Discover mode, for example, highlights heat sources even more while reducing the cold background. This allows you to see animals behind trees and bushes better than before.


Focal length

35 mm



Field of view at 100 m (yds)

19 m (62 ft)

Objective viewing angle

11° x 8°


1300 m (1421 yd)

Sensor resolution

384 x 288

Sensor pixel pitch

17 μm

NETD value

≤ 35 mK

Display resolution

1024 x 768

Display frame rate

50 Hz

Display type


Optical magnification


Maximum digital zoom


Zoom steps

1.0x – 4.0x


Battery type


Battery run time

8 h

Internal memory

32 GB


2.4 Ghz



Livestream function (Video & Photo)



Operating temperature

− 10°C | + 50°C (+ 14 °F | + 122 °F)

Length x Width x Height

193 x 60 x 65 mm (7.6 x 2.4 x 2.6")


420 g (0.92 lbs)

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